Play Leaders and Supervisors Training Course


Explore partner skipping, speed rope, long rope for up to ten child skipping helpers and an unlimited adult supervisors may attend too. You also have the option to explore circus skills if you prefer.


We shall make a special visit to your school to train  play leaders and any supervisors who you wish to observe or join in.  We will explain to adults of any suitable activities that they can show and play with children .

The play leaders shall become masters of playtime skills such as skipping, circus skills , french skipping or long rope.   They will be shown how to teach these skills to other children during their playtime.   Each child will be encouraged to teach other children as a playtime duty just once or maybe twice per week for a selected period of time.

This course will last 90 minutes  approx, plus a school assembly to the whole school to demonstrate the new skills available at playtime.




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